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Synergies for natural regeneration and biorevitalisation


The gel is made of highly concentrated hyaluronic acid and glycerin, a natural moisturaiser. This mixture of ingridients gives skin moisture a lasting boost. It restores the hyaluronic acid which the skin naturally loses with age. At the same time, glycerin traps water and hydrates the skin for several months. As a result it becomes more toned and visible signs of aging are reduce

Duration of effect : three treatments are recommended in the first 2 months and the effect last for 3 to 4 months after that.


Technical Data :

HA concentration 18 mg/ml
Stabilizer Glycerin
Sterility Sterile
pH 7,0
Dynamic Viscosity (mPa.s) ~ 150.000
Contents 1×1 ml
Needle 2x30G 1/2


Areas to be treated : face, neck, neckline, backs of the hands, upper arms