Litho 60

Litho 60 brings outstanding innovation by offering the exclusive MasterPULSE technology for retropulsion control, plus energy and frequency (up to 60Hz) settings generally out of range for other laser devices. These groundbreaking advantages merge with the superior quality and reliability the Quanta System brand is renowned of worldwide.

If you are mostly interested in stone treatment and in having the best lithotripsy settings and features without the cost associated with a 100W Holmium system, Litho 60 is, for sure, the laser you are looking for.

Quanta System raised the bar by offering a generous 60 Hz frequency with its new Litho 60.

Users can now achieve the dusting effect in two ways:

  • Dusting – Long Pulse: the vapor tunnel generated by long pulses allows efficient stone ablation.
  • Dusting – High Frequency: energy is released in smaller amounts with a highe repetition (40-60 Hz).

Litho 60 outclasses the other 50-100W Holmium systems in terms of settings for stone

treatment. In short, Litho 60 offers greater settings and enhanced versatility with respect to

Holmium devices with similar or even higher power for a smarter expense.

Lithotripsy MODES:

– Fragmentation

– Popcorning

– Dusting

  • High Frequency
  • Long Pulse – Vapor Tunnel*

Technical Specification

Wavelength 2.1 μm
Average Power up to 60 W
Repetition Rate up to 60 Hz
Energy per Pulse up to 5 J
Pulse Duration 50-1100 μs
Beam Delivery Wide range of flexible silica fibers
Aiming Beam 532 nm (adjustable <5 mW) – Class 3R
Fiber Recognition RFID System
Activation Double footswitch
Electrical Requirements 200-230 Vac; 50/60 Hz; <30A, single phase
Cooling Internal chiller
Operating Temprature 10°C – 30°C
Laser Class 4 (IEC/EN 60825-1:2014)
Dimensions 52 cm (W) x 120 cm (D) x 123 cm (H) (monitor closed)
Weight 200 kg