Lipocel Video


It’s Time to get slim! No Pain, No fat again! Best way to get rid of those Love Handles

A body shaping apparatus designed for esthetic purposes based on HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound)

An apparatus that corrects your body shape in a harmonius, beautiful and slimming way by transforming the inferior part of the interlayer between subcutaneous fat and dermis (thick skin)

Body Specification Handpiece Specification
Frequency 2 MHz Switch Finger Switch
Energy Max 100J/cm2 Treatment Zone 30mm x 30mm
LCD 10.2 inch, touchscreen control panel display Focus Depth 13mm
Size 438mm(W) x 580mm(D) x 1080mm(H) Cooling Chil catridge for contact cooling (5 0C)
Weight 800kg Size 92mm(W) x 89mm(D) x 270mm(H)
Weight 1.5kg / 2kg (width catridge)