Experience! Smart Grid RF


Intragen provides various treatment from a very shallow or very small treatment area to a very large or deep treatment area. Each IntraGen tip is sterilized. IntraGen tip set is equiped with RF card and tip. Each set is composed optimized parameter for high performance.


Technical Specification:

Applied Frequency IntraGen : 6Mhz
RF Output Mode Monopolar
RF Energy per level User Mode : 5Watt – 200Watt

IntraGen Mode : T level – 7 level

User Mode On Time : 0.1s – 2.0s (0.01s unit)

Off Time : 0.1 – 2.0s (0.01s unit)

Number of Pulses : 1-4

Watt : 5W – 200W (1W Unit)

Small tip 7mm x 7mm (0.32 cm2)
Full tip 15mm x 15mm (1.69 cm2)
Output switch Handpiece switch or foot switch


System Specification:

Weight 28kg
Dimensions 370mm x 450mm x 810mm (including stand 1,240mm)
Handpiece Hose Length 2.3M
Power Consumption 220V, 600VA

90V – 240V (free voltage), 600 VA