Hyaluronic Acid 3%

Facial moisturizer/Skin aging

Simildiet, with its Basic line offers cosmetic solutions in face and body treatments by means of a comprehensive range of products for professional use. These highly effective products of maximum quality are designed to be applied topically and particularly with the following beauty therapy systems used in the aesthetic field (ultrasound, transdermal electroporation, iontophoresis, depressotherapy vacumtherapy, radiofrequency).

Hyaluronic Acid 3% function is to maintain the optimum moisture level of tissues thus avoiding the loss of elasticity and boosting the production of collagen and elastin, key components of the tissue. The dermal tissue contains collagen fibers. Hyaluronic acid chains overlap with these fibers causing liquid rent on and generating volume, therefore it is effective to smooth wrinkles. Stimulates peripheral circulation. Revitalizes cell cycle and makes facial skin smooth and bright again. The hyaluronic acid retains water in an equivalent percentage much higher than its weight. Restoring fibers that support skin tissues.

Essential element in any antiaging treatment and fine wrinkles it can be perfectly combined with DMAE Ascorbic acid and idebenone to achieve greater results.

Box of 5 vials, 5 ml each