Fiber Dust

Thulium Fiber Laser

Fiber Dust® laser system is a Thulium Fiber Laser (TFL) surgical device intended for both Lithotripsy and precise soft tissue surgery. This device has a 1.9µm wavelength laser emission and is capable of super-pulsed mode to allow stone fragmentation and ablation. During the latest years, TFL technology emerged as a new alternative to Holmium laser, in particular for the treatment of stones. With the introduction of this new surgical laser device, Quanta System completes its already wide laser portfolio, empowering the surgeon with full choice in terms of surgical equipment.

Dust & Bust

Choose between a fine dusting or fragmentation approach. The use of extreme frequency with very low pulse energy levels broadens treatment options in dusting approach.

Powerful Popcorning

Powerful and fast reduction of fragment size with popcorning technique.

Soft Tissue Surgery

The output power of 60W allows low power ThuLEP (thulium laser enucleation of the prostate). Lower power emission allows precise ablation and incision of small portions of tissues (such as tumors and strictures).

Reduced Energy Requirement

Fiber Dust laser is compatible with standard power outlet, with no need of dedicated socket in the OR. High performances with limited energy consumption!

Technical specification

Wavelength 1.9 μm
Emission Modes Continuous and Pulsed
Average Power up to 60 W
Frequency up to 2500 Hz
Energy per Pulse up to 6J
Cooling Air cooling
Activation Double Footswitch