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Duetto MT

laser combines two laser wavelengths (755 and 1064 nm) in a single emission with programmable fluence, pulse duration and adjustable sequencies to increase the treatment’s safety and effectiveness.

performs the largest range of hair reduction applications, as well as vascular and rejuvenation treatments. Due to the wavelength and pulse Mixed Technology, Duetto MT allows operator to select single or double wavelength emissions, using simultaneous or sequential pulses that can be adjusted according to the patient’s needs.

Duetto MT is the final solution for the professionals of the aesthetic medicine market, enabling tailored treatments with no compromise between safety and effectiveness. A full set of handpieces is available on request, with spot sizes up to 16 mm.

 Laser Alexandrite
 Alexandrite + Nd:YAG
 Wavelength (nm) 755 1064 755 +1064
 Pulse width (ms) 0.3 ÷ 300* 0.3 ÷ 300* 0.3 ÷ 300*
 Repetition rate (Hz) Up to 10 Up to 10 Up to 1,5
 Spot diameter (mm) Up to 16 Up to 16 Up to 18
 Fluence (J/cm²) 500
(software limited)
(software limited)
500 A + 500 Y
(software limited)
 Electrical requirements  3.7kVA, 200-240VAC; 50/60 Hz
 Dimensions and weight  530(L) x 1043 (P) x 1060 (H) mm³ ; 150 Kg
 Notes * the pulse-width range can change depending on repetition rate
and mix mode configuration.