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We are striving for excellance every day, constantly improving the quality services, product, and solution we offer. Build and maintain partnership with our customers through trust.


Setiawan Halim

Managing Director



Why PT I-Tech Lafacos ?

We  focus on providing in-depth strategic solutions for the health care and medical devices through science and technology.


About Us :

PT I-Tech Lafacos is a privately owned health care and medical devices distributor, currently specializing in providing solutions to:

  • Dermatology

  • Aesthetic

  • Urology

  • Orthopedic

Operated since 2009, we are continuously improving, expanding, and nurturing growth of our customers through the most complete line of products and services, in addition to providing assistance and support.

Through these operational years, our network and vast experience has allowed us to be the leading distributor of  aesthetic products and medical devices in Indonesia. We  maintains an extensive database of various product of interest for our customers.

We take a great pride in our outstanding portfolio as we practice great teamwork and leadership. PT. I-Tech Lafacos will provide solution to your medical and aesthetic needs.