Cellec Video


User Friendly design with multi-functional interchangeable tips


  • Cell-toning, Photo shower and Vascular treatment
  • Almost no pain and minimum adverse effect
  • Immediate return to a daily life after treatment


Technical Specification:

Wave Length 420(s) nm / 530(s)nm / 530nm / 560nm / 590nm / 640nm / 700nm / 800nm
Fluence 1-60 J/cm2
Pulse Duration 1-60ms
Delay Time 1-60ms
Lamp type Xenon Lamp
Spot Size 40mm x 10mm


System Specification :

Electrical Power AC220V(50-60Hz), 2.5KW, 15Amps (at 220V AC)
Weight 95kg
Dimensions 1030mm(H) x 368mm(W) x 565mm(L) without articuled arm