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Category: Quanta System for Surgical

September 20, 2019

Litho 60 Litho 60 brings outstanding innovation by offering the exclusive MasterPULSE technology for retropulsion control, plus energy and frequency (up to 60Hz) settings generally out of range for other laser devices. These groundbreaking advantages merge with the superior quality and reliability the Quanta System brand is renowned of worldwide. If you are mostly interested in stone treatment and in having the best lithotripsy settings and features without the cost associated with a 100W Holmium system, Litho 60 is, for sure, the laser you are looking for.   Quanta System raised the bar by offering a generous 60 Hz frequency with its new Litho 60. Users can now achieve the dusting effect in two ways:

  • Dusting – Long Pulse: the vapor tunnel generated by long pulses allows efficient stone ablation.
  • Dusting – High Frequency: energy is released in smaller amounts with a highe repetition (40-60 Hz).

Litho 60 outclasses the other 50-100W Holmium systems in terms of settings for stone treatment. In short, Litho 60 offers

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August 18, 2018

  Cyber TM Video Cyber TM Thulium Surgical Laser System 150W/200W Cyber TM represents the family of Thulium:YAG laser manufactured by Quanta System and dedicated to applications practiced in open, laparoscopic or endoscopic surgery to perform excision, resection, ablation, vaporization, coagulation and hemostasis of soft tissues. Cyber TM emits with a 2μm wavelength that is strongly absorbed by water which is highly present in all tissues. For this reason the speed of cutting and vaporization remains relatively constant during the procedures, regardless of tissue vascularization. The laser beam penetrates only a fraction of a millimeter in the tissue, providing the surgeon with a high degree of control and reducing substantially the risk of inadvertent injury. Cyber TM, a laser scalpel, is fast, accurate and safe in the hands of surgeon.   Benefit of surgeon :

  • Precision
  • Versality
  • High safety level
  • Clear surgical lead
  • User friendliness

  Benefit to the patient :

  • Ablation / vaporization of targeted tissue limiting the damage on surro

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August 18, 2018

  Litho Video Litho Surgical Laser System Litho surgical unit is based on Holmium (Ho:YAG) laser with emission at two micron (2100nm) wavelength. This wavelength is highly absorbed by water and biological tissue.   The Litho automatically adjusts the correct pulse duration depending on the operating mode and sets the values of energy and repetition rate. When it is operating in a short pulse emission mode, it is highly effective in the fragmentation of calculi and the hard tissue ablation. In long pulse emission, it is highly effective in cutting soft tissue providing excellent hemostasis and coagulation with minimal damages of surrounding tissue, due to its low penetration depth. Because of the high radiation absorption by water, the application in a hydrous solution environment is highly safe.   Technical features The Litho laser system has state-of-the-art technical specifications, which represent a gold standard in surgical market: Pulse energy: it is possible to set up to 5 J per pulse. The pulse energy is related to the fragmentation efficacy. It is ideal for hard stone treatments. Repe

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