Scientifically reliable LED verified  by specialized institution

3-modes waveforms

Long-term clinical testing in korea

University hospital

Performance & Safety Verified


Bellalux features :

  • Improvement effect has been proved due to verified wavelengths and radiation intensity by standard clinical testing
  • Total reflection 130 lens installed, maximized light-gathering effect, sufficient irradiation per area unit


Major function :

  • Radiation intensity design made to penetrate to the dermal layers
  • Sufficient radiation intensity with high power LED (3W)
  • 3-modes wavelengths that can be irradiated simultaneously
  • Economic environtment-friendly material LED
  • Long lasting effect


Skin / scalp care verified through clinical testing


Specifications :

Wavelength 3-modes wavelengths
LED lens High power LED (3W)
Clinical Test IRB Paper (rejuvenation, elasticity, whitening, scalp)